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After an arrest you have a few ways to secure a release. If you’re involved in a minor criminal case or misdemeanor then the judge can decide to let you go on your own recognizance without the need to pay bail. If you don’t fit the criteria for O.R then the judge will usually order you to pay a set amount of money to ensure that you appear at future court dates. You can either chose to pay the full amount in cash or put up valuable assets as collateral to fulfill this requirement. Of course, it isn’t always possible to get that kind of money on short notice. That’s where Dad’s Bail Bond comes in. Call Now For Bail Bonds Arrangements! Dad’s Bail Bonds is Just a Phone Call Away,
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It’s never easy to deal with the fallout from an arrest. Apart from the obvious emotional distress, there are a whole host of issues that seem to appear out of nowhere. From legal fees and probation issues to drug tests and bail bonds, navigating a court-mandated release can be a complicated and frustrating process at the best of times.

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At Dad’s Bail Bonds in Las Vegas NV we bring you the experience and expertise you need, to get you and your loved ones out of their situation and back at home as quickly as possible. From the moment you get in touch with us, we can provide you specific guidance through each stage of the release.

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Our advice is backed up by over 35-years of experience in Vegas bail bonds, and a network of court and law enforcement connections that stretches across the State. If you’re looking for a local bail bondsman that can get you results without runarounds and red tape, then we’re here to help


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Is Your Loved One In A LAS VEGAS jail?

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If you’re having troubles fulfilling the terms of the bail get in touch with our 24 hour bail bonds in Las Vegas right away. Simply provide us with the defendant’s name and the location of their detention center.  We can also help in locating inmate. Please call for questions or concerns. 

Arrange Bail Bonds For Your Loved One

Once our bail bondsmen have the details of your case sorted out, they will provide you with our affordable bail bonds pricing options. These fees will amount to a small percentage of the total bail amount. After we have sorted out a suitable payment plan, we will issue a surety bond to the court.

Complete Bail Bond Paperwork

From here one of our experience bail bondsmen will fill out the complex legal paperwork that accompanies a jail release. We will make sure that all documentation is completed accurately and in a timely fashion. So you or your loved ones do not have to spend a minute more than the minimum time in jail.

Your Loved One Is Released From Jail!

As soon as we have posted bail and completed paperwork the release process begins. Depending on the jail, this can take anywhere from 6-12 hours, although some delays may be expected during holidays and weekends. We highly suggest you call our highly trained Owner Vince Ebarb, of Dads bail Bonds Las Vegas


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Frequently Asked Las Vegas Bail Bonds Questions
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At Dad’s Bail Bonds we offer many payment options. We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover(Sorry Amex doesn’t service Bail Bonds) cash, money orders, cashiers checks, and personal checks upon approval. We also offer 0% financing on the 15% premium fee upon approval with a minimum down payment based on a case by case evaluation.
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“Great people helping out the Las Vegas community!. They are committed to customer service and do exactly as they say! GET YOU OUT!”

Aaron Winters -July 20, 2017

“Great place! If you need bail you to Dad’s! Family owed and operated!”

JW -June 12, 2017

“DADS Bail Bonds Is Fast and efficient!! They will get you or your Loved one out of Jail in the shortest amount of time possible!”

MM -June 06, 2017

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Instead of contacting a private attorney or scraping together the money for a full bail payment, you can simply get in touch with our 24 hour bail bonds in Las Vegas, NV. You pay us a small fraction of the total bail to start the release process, and we take full responsibility for securing a release. Even if you do happen to come up with the full bail amount on time, the judge may ask you to verify the source of financing through bank statements and other corroborating documentation. You also have to take into account the fact that these funds will be tied up for months on end, as the court proceedings carry on. It’s only after this period has been completed with no no-shows on your part, that the court will release the bail amount back to you. Our bail bonds services will save you from these hassles.
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In-Depth Bail Bonds Knowledge

While we aren’t lawyers, we do bring years of experience in Las Vegas and Henderson bail bonds to the table. We’re well-equipped to handle even the most complicated arrests, and we’re up to date on the latest laws and policies in the State so we can provide informed recommendations to help secure you and your loved ones release in almost any situation.

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Bail Bonds Service

Serving jail time can be a sensitive matter. The last thing you want is for information on your release to get out into the public sphere. When you’re looking for a local bail bondsman you need someone who can provide honest, reliable support with an absolute guarantee of privacy, and that’s exactly what we offer at Dad’s Bail Bonds. We’ve been in business since 1968 and have been helping people reunite with their loved ones ever since. If you want a proven track record, contact us.

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Quick & Easy, Bail Bonds Process

Did we mention that we’re available 24/7 for both county and State bonding issues? Our phone lines are always open, if you’re facing an urgent issue reach out to us via phone, online, or visit our offices in downtown Las Vegas near the Regional Justice Center. We’re always ready to provide you the help you need.

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The 1st Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company is close to the las Vegas jail, and the other bails bonds company are in Henderson, Nevada and Pahrump, Nevada!
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