At Dad’s Bail Bonds we offer many payment options. We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover (Sorry AMEX doesn’t service Bail Bonds), cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, and personal checks upon approval. We also offer 0% financing on the 15% premium fee upon approval with a minimum down payment based on a case by case evaluation.

To obtain a bail bond from Dads Bail Bonds takes minutes. There is a short application and some supplemental forms to sign. Most bonds can be obtained without even having to come to the office. All forms can be filled out and signed with a smartphone/tablet/PC. No printer or scanner necessary. Once the jail receives the bond their release times can be from 4-24 hours depending on factors at the jail (how busy, security lock downs, FBI database returns, etc.)

As a Nevada licensed bail agent, the law does not let us refer attorneys or give legal advice. My experience over the past 20 plus years I have noticed that a good attorney is worth every dollar spent. If I had a criminal complaint filed against me I would 100% hire an attorney to defend me.

Las Vegas is located in Clark County. Within Clark County a defendant could be in custody in several different jails. We have the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) which is the largest county jail in the state of Nevada. Clark County has a couple of satellite jails for outlying areas (Laughlin) and overflow (Nellis AFB), but the bail is still processed at the main jail in downtown Las Vegas.  There is the Las Vegas City Jail which houses inmates for misdemeanors for Las Vegas and both misdemeanors and Felonies for the city of North Las Vegas. There also is a jail in Henderson which is in Clark County and the second largest city in the state. Pahrump, which is in Nye County has it’s own jail.  We service all of these jails.

Las Vegas bail bonds in governed by the Nevada Division of Insurance. Nevada is a surety bail state and the premium charged for a bail bond is 15% of the bond amount ($50 minimum). Once the defendant is released from custody all premiums paid or being financed are completely earned. Additionally, there generally are related posting fees depending on the particular court of $50 per case in addition to the premium. Yes, we do bail people out who are not local residents. Additional collateral may be required.

Yes, if you have an email address a smart phone, tablet, or PC, a qualified defendant and cosigner, you can do the whole process without coming to the office. You do not need a printer or scanner to do the paperwork or payment. If paying in cash you can go to Chase Bank, Wells Fargo or Walmart to pay the premium and do paperwork on your chosen device.

There are four courthouses in Clark County where a person could be assigned to appear. Dad’s Bail Bonds will navigate you to the correct courthouse.

  • Regional Justice Center 200 Lewis Ave. Las Vegas, Nv 89101
  • North Las Vegas Justice Court 2428 N. Martin L. King Blvd N. Las Vegas, Nv. 89032
  • North Las Vegas Municipal Court 2332 N. Las Vegas Blvd N. Las Vegas, Nv 89030
  • City of Henderson Justice Facility 243 Water St. Henderson, Nv. 89015

Yes, we take Master Card, Visa, and discover. AMEX does not service the bail bond industry.

99% of all bail bonds done at Dads Bail Bonds are done without collateral. If the bond is a large dollar amount or if the defendant is from another state collateral could be required. This is done by a case by case evaluation.

No, not all bail bondsman can do the same size bonds as Dads Bail Bonds or have the writing authority to do bonds at lower down payments or less collateral as Dads Bail Bonds.


Did we mention that we’re available 24/7 for both county and State bonding issues? Our phone lines are always open, if you’re facing an urgent
issue reach out to us via phone, online, or visit our offices in downtown Las Vegas near the Regional Justice Center. We’re always ready to provide you the help you need. Call The best las Vegas Bails Company in Las Vegas, Nevada Dads Bail Bonds.