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Are you struggling to get in touch with a jailed relative? If you aren’t aware of the all the details surrounding an inmate’s arrest, it can be quite difficult to track them down through the State system.  Whether you’re looking online or trying to talk to a police representative, a string of unhelpful responses can leave anyone angry and demotivated. At Dad’s Bail Bonds, we understand that you want to be able to reach out to your nearest and dearest in their time of need, and we want to give you the tools to do just that.

We offer comprehensive Henderson and Las Vegas inmate search services that will help you connect with your incarcerated friends and family members as quickly as possible.

If you’re facing an emergency and you don’t know where to turn, then get one of our professional bail bondsmen on the line. Our boys bring 5 decades of combined experience in running Henderson jail and Las Vegas city jail inmate searches. Regardless of when, where or how your loved one was arrested, we’re confident that we can track them down.

Avail the best Henderson jail inmate search with Dad’s Bail Bonds!

  • Gathering Information

When you give us a call, we’ll ask you for some basic identifying information to help us narrow down the options. At the very minimum, we will require:

  1. The inmate’s full legal name.
  2. Their date of birth.
  3. The city they were arrested in (we currently only operate in Nevada).
  4. Depending on the detention center, you may be required to provide additional information we will make sure to clarify all details that are needed before proceeding.

If you’re unable to access any of this information then we can provide you with the right resources to get your details in order. At the end of the day we want to make the process as simply and efficient as we can.

  • Tapping the Network

In the Clark Country area, an inmate can be located in one of three facilities: the Las Vegas City Jail, the Clark County Detention Centre, or the Henderson Detention Centre. Over the years, we’ve provided bail bonds services for each of these jails and we’re well-positioned to locate inmates in any of them. We have a similar service record working through each of Clark County’s four courthouses in Las Vegas and Henderson. This additional experience will prove critical when it comes time to ascertain which jail your loved one was sent to.

Our Bail Bondsmen have a wide network of sources that they can lean on to help turn up your friends and family members. From a vast variety of Jail databases (state-specific government sites, specialist search engines, agency registers) to personal contacts in the court system and LEO, we will use these resources to the fullest to find an individual as quickly as possible.

  • Communicate

Once we’ve managed to find out which jail an inmate is currently being held in, we will set to work contacting the relevant Las Vegas or Henderson police department, inmate search with us isn’t complete until we’re able to get you connected to your loved one. As a bail bonds service, we can work with you from that point on to secure a quick, no-hassle release.

Why Choose Us For Your Nevada Inmate Search?

Generally, an inmate search is a last resort for when you lack all the information you need to contact an incarcerated individual directly. If this is the case, then you’ve probably already lost valuable time trying to reach your loved one. By working with professionals you ensure that don’t lose a moment more. At Dad’s Bail Bonds we have a proven track record of getting things done for our customers. Over the years, we’ve located inmates in detention centers and jails across Henderson and Las Vegas. Simply put, we’re good at what we do, and we pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer.

  • Jail is Scary – Even if you can handle yourself, the prospect of being held against your will without any support can be daunting for anyone. We will make sure that your loved one gets home safe and sound whether they’re in a Las Vegas city jail or a Henderson detention center.
  • Proven – Other bail bonds may talk the talk, but when it comes to crunch time they just don’t hold up to the test. Our connections and expertise allow us to deliver the critical services you need quickly and accurately. We’re equipped and authorized to offer services for much larger bails with less collateral and lower down payments than our competitors. When you choose us, you know you’re working with the best.
  • Customer Service – We understand that this is a stressful time for you but we’re committed to helping you through the process. When you call us for a Las Vegas inmate search we will offer step-by-step guidance and personal assistance that will help you find your loved one in record time. We’re available 24/7 and we’re always ready to provide more information, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. 
  • Unique Expertise – Our contacts and experience allows us access to records and databases that you may not be able to check. We can leverage these resources to find our targets more quickly and accurately. 
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  • Clark County Detention Center
  • Las Vegas City Jail (North Las Vegas)
  • Henderson Detention Center (Clark County)

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Did we mention that we’re available 24/7 for both county and State bonding issues? Our phone lines are always open, if you’re facing an urgent
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